Transitioning From MSP to MSSP: Overcoming the Hurdles

Let’s face it: managed service providers (MSPs) like you are affected by your clients’ lack of cybersecurity protection. No matter how well you manage your clients’ business technology, their data needs to be safeguarded with proper cybersecurity.   

While 77% of organizations plan to increase their level of investment in cybersecurity within the next 12 months, cyber threats are evolving faster than many companies can keep up with, according to The State of SMB Cybersecurity in 2021

With cybersecurity top of mind, that same report found that 92% of organizations would consider using a new IT service provider if they offered the “right” solution. To boot, they’d be willing to pay more for it: on average 34% more for a service provider who could provide such a solution — a substantial rise from 25% back in 2019.

The time has come to reevaluate your MSP offerings to retain clients or reassess your clientele should they refuse to invest in cyber protective services. Let’s look at some common hurdles from transitioning to a managed security service provider (MSSP) and how you can keep up with the state of cybersecurity in 2021 and beyond. 

Navigating From MSP to MSSP

As a managed IT service provider, you focus heavily on technology administration and data management. But no matter how meticulously you manage user permissions and log data, your hands are often tied when it comes to protecting that technology and data from digital threats and responding when vulnerabilities arise.

The problem is, cybersecurity has fallen from being a top priority in 45% of organizations in 2019 to 38% in 2021, according to The State of SMB Cybersecurity. This decline in prioritization would imply a decrease in threats to organizations — that is definitely not the case. The risk is only growing as threat actors develop new ways to undermine organizations’ security. Instead, competing priorities, complexities of remote work, and lack of in-house skills contribute to the increased threat landscape.

As it stands, that same report found that 61% of companies agree that their organization lacks the skills in-house to be able to deal with security issues adequately. As a result, you’re serving a market that is dangerously unprepared for the threat landscape surrounding them. As an extension of your clients’ IT services, you need a high level of confidence that you are properly protecting them. You also need to convey that belief and knowledge to your clients.

It’s often easier said than done. To manage your clients’ cybersecurity protection services, you need the right tools and talent: something MSPs worldwide struggle with — mainly because of the SIEM software chosen for the job.

Hurdles in Traditional SIEM Software

You’re no stranger to the complexities of adopting and deploying most traditional security information and event management (SIEM) software. You’ve done your research and know that many highly technical tools often require certification and subject matter expertise to manage. Unfortunately, with the qualified cybersecurity skills gap, you often don’t have access to the team you need to quantify and investigate the threat data. 

Additionally, you know how expensive and time-consuming it can be to deploy typical SIEMs. Many leading software companies have a 6-month adoption period loaded with implementation costs and training time that you simply don’t have. 

Many SIEM providers don’t offer comprehensive support for small to midsize organizations like yourself after deployment. If they do, they charge hundreds of dollars for mere minutes of your time. 

But what if there was a better solution: a SIEM that wasn’t as costly, complex, and difficult to manage long-term?

Cybersecurity Protection Unlike the Rest

There aren’t many SIEM or threat detection solutions tailored for MSP providers with less than 1,000 clients. But your data protection and technology levels shouldn’t be restricted by your size. That’s why our team at Cybraics developed an easy-to-implement tool that doesn’t require a subject matter expert, certification, extensive and expensive training courses — or a massive team  —  to efficiently use. 

Our autonomous SIEM installs in one day with no installation fee or consulting services required. Best of all, it’s not going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars upfront to deploy and maintain. 

Evolve into something bigger, better, and stronger by providing the security services you need to best serve your clients.  

Explore our nVision™ Autonomous SIEM and become the MSSP you were meant to be today.