Why Your So-Called “Advanced Threat Detection” Lacks True Visibility

Like most security professionals, you likely have way more data to analyze than time to deal with it. Half the time, it feels like you’re chasing threats that may or may not turn out to be legit.

Trust us; this is a pervasive problem faced by organizations around the world every day. 

This lack of visibility of your true threat landscape means your organization is vulnerable and open to malicious actors, both externally and internally. 

It’s tough to see the bigger picture when all you’re stuck in the weeds, sifting through logs and alerts produced by multiple cybersecurity tools. 

Let’s look at why your so-called “advanced threat detection” may be failing you and what to do about it:


1. You Have Too Much Threat Data to Analyze.

On average, hackers attack every 39 seconds

To combat this volume, organizations deploy multiple cybersecurity tools that produce alerts every time they encounter a threat. It’s unrealistic to expect someone to review millions of alerts, and research confirms that 31% of security alerts go uninvestigated

Couple the alert fatigue with a qualified cybersecurity skills shortage, and there’s just not enough expert staff to dig through all of the alerts.  


2. Not Enough Cybersecurity Awareness Training.

Training is critical when it comes to your cybersecurity policy. Educating employees on security best practices is crucially important, given that over 95% of all breaches are ultimately caused by human error

Unfortunately, cybersecurity training is usually boring, repetitive, and done with a compliance purpose in mind - and, as a result, most employees don’t retain the training principles and don’t change risky behavior. 

All the advanced threat detection tools in the world can’t protect you against social engineering— a cyber threat wherein a cybercriminal tricks an employee into granting them access to your network. Think about it. A threat detection tool can’t predict if your employee will fall for a smishing attempt (SMS/text phishing) or let a stranger tailgate in through a door behind them and access company technology. 

You need cybersecurity training that’s engaging, memorable, comprehensive, and fun. Moreover, it must be delivered regularly to increase retention and long-term results. If your organization doesn’t have a dedicated security awareness training team, this critical and time-consuming responsibility falls to the cybersecurity team. Unfortunately, when you’re already overloaded with everyday responsibilities, awareness training gets deprioritized.  


3. The Global Shift to Remote Operations.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people worldwide started working from home, often using their computers, vulnerable home networks, and new remote-work programs. This dramatically increased the attack vector opportunities for organizations. 

Overnight, employees had to be taught to watch for shoulder surfers peering at their credentials and confidential info while working remotely at a cafe and warned of the dangers of using unsecured public WiFi networks. Unfortunately, statistics proved that cybercriminals quickly took advantage of this situation. In fact, the FBI noticed a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes since March 2020

To ensure your employees are able to work from home securely, you need the right tools and policies and for those employees to be appropriately trained. If you’re not positive you have all three covered; you lack true visibility of your threat landscape. 


Tackling Improvements, One Step at a Time

It seems like an impossible task; to consolidate your advanced threat detection tools, find qualified staff to analyze and remediate alerts, and educate your team on social engineering and other relevant security threats.

Fortunately, we have a solution to get you started: automating your threat detection process. At Cybraics, we developed a revolutionary cybersecurity analytics solution that combines AI and machine learning to reduce alerts into actionable cases. As a result, our platform is 97% more efficient than the leading SIEM plus automation tools combined, meaning you’re done combing through alerts and only deal with a handful of correlated cases that need resolution! 

Ready to see how your security stacks up? Download our 4 Warning Signs Your Cybersecurity Needs an Overhaul & How to Fix It eBook to get the checklist and get started today.


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