The collaboration will combine the automated, advance threat detection, alert aggregation and asset prioritization provided by Cybraics with Microsoft Azure Government, Microsoft’s commercial cloud solution specifically engineered to meet US government compliance and security requirements.


Fort Lauderdale, FL (October 11, 2018) – Today, Cybraics, a leading provider of security-as-a-service, announced it is collaborating with Microsoft to offer the extensive Cybraics artificial intelligence (AI)-based security-as-a service analytics platform, nLighten™ on Microsoft Azure Government.

nLighten combines cyber security analytics and artificial intelligence into an as-a-service model to deliver advanced detection capabilities. The platform has been delivering on its primary value proposition of radically increasing the success rate of these technologies by finding previously unknown threats, including APTs, targeted attacks and insider threats. Azure Government provides world-class security, protection, and the broadest compliance on the market which opens doors to new opportunities for government agencies with heightened regulatory requirements to take advantage of the benefits of nLighten. Azure Government delivers a dedicated cloud exclusively enabling government agencies and their partners to transform mission-critical workloads to the cloud. It can handle data that is subject to certain government regulations and requirements, such as FedRAMP Moderate and High, NIST 800.171 (DIB), ITAR, IRS 1075, DoD L4 and L5, and CJIS.

This relationship will allow the DoD to use the Azure Government infrastructure and services with Cybraics AI and analytics. This provides the DoD with a proven solution with an Authority to Operate (ATO) protecting Microsoft’s infrastructure and data in their environment.

Cybraics is extremely excited to be working with Microsoft on multiple fronts,” said Marvin Wheeler, Cybraics Co-Founder and CEO. “The integration of our nLighten™ platform makes it possible for the DoD to gain advanced detection capabilities. We look forward to adding Cybraics to the Microsoft Marketplace soon as we collaborate with Microsoft to secure and strengthen elements of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

We have a longstanding 30-year partnership with the DoD and recognize the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape our nation’s protectors face,” said Lily Kim, Microsoft’s General Manager, Microsoft Azure Government. “Our collaboration with Cybraics illustrates our ability to support connected digital transformation across the entire military experience to bring adversarial advantage to the DoD, ensuring they can take care of their most precious resources and optimize for impact.

Through this collaboration Cybraics will also be offering advanced training courses in subjects such as Forensics, Incident Response and Advanced Forensics, Cloud Telemetry, Reverse Engineering Malware and Memory Forensics.  These courses will build on those beginner and intermediate-level classes provided by Microsoft and will be offered at locations in Northern Virginia and at the Georgia Cyber Center in Augusta, Georgia. This state-of-the-art center is the single largest investment in a cybersecurity facility in the nation to date. It is a unique public/private collaboration striving to meet workforce demand for highly skilled security experts. Cybraics selected the Georgia Cyber Center due to the proximity to Fort Gordon, GA allowing training as a virtual extension of the military environment, providing advanced skills to veterans and working to close the cybersecurity staffing gap in the United States.

About Cybraics

Founded in 2013, as a direct response to a U.S. Government project, Cybraics Inc. (“Cybraics”) is a security analytics and artificial intelligence company, focused on solving the hardest problems in cybersecurity. We have created nLighten™, a fully automated security analytics and Artificial Intelligence platform delivered as-a-service. The nLighten™ platform uniquely combines multiple modes of machine learning with an advanced AI engine to find unknown, advanced and insider threats, and increases the overall efficiency of security teams. Visit for more information.

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