Cybraics Launches Revolutionary AI-Based Threat Hunting Solution

Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. – July 18, 2016

Cybraics is excited to introduce their new Artificial Intelligence Based Cyber Analytics Service. The Cyber Analytics-as-a-Service platform combines math, science and machine learning to provide a comprehensive end-to-end cyber hunting solution. “We have infused supervised, unsupervised and semi-supervised learning approaches to create the most advanced learning system the market has seen,” says Rich Heimann, Chief Data Scientist for Cybraics. “This service allows us to learn at the pace of our adversaries, rather than reactively after a security incident occurs like traditional solutions. With our analytic pluralist approach, we are able to collectively use multiple analytics to provide complete coverage of the threat space.”

Cybraics merges the efficiency of machines with human intuition to provide a full comprehensive threat intelligence platform. “Introducing artificial intelligence into the cyber security world is a revolutionary ideology that will soon shift the way we secure our networks,” states CEO Jamie Dos Santos. “We believe the current security paradigm is flawed, and the time for a modern approach is necessary in the fight against cyber adversaries. Our approach allows us to go far beyond traditional protection and detection tools that are based on rules and signatures. We can now identify, classify and prioritize unknown threats that other approaches miss and reduce investigation time by orders of magnitude.”

About Cybraics
Cybraics’ Analytics-as-a-Service platform combines unsupervised machine learning and an AI-based cyber hunter to provide an uncompromising end-to-end cyber analytics solution; proven within government defense & intelligence communities and Fortune50 companies, it finds unknown threats and vulnerabilities that others miss.