Cybraics announces nLighten: The First Cyber Security Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Platform, Delivered as-a-Service


Fort Lauderdale, FL, Atlanta, GA, Arlington, VA, 2/16/2017- Today, Cybraics is announcing the name of our extraordinary, new security platform: nLighten. nLighten combines cyber security analytics and artificial intelligence into an as-a-service model to make the most advanced detection capabilities available to enterprises of all sizes.

Launched in late 2016, the nLighten platform is already supporting customers in healthcare, financial, energy and high-tech industries, as well as state and federal government. The platform has been delivering on its primary value proposition by finding previously unknown threats, including: APTs, targeted attacks and insider threats.

nLighten’s artificial intelligence engine has been learning and building knowledge for more than 12 months, which has dramatically reduced the volume of false positives that are common with other cyber security solutions, and driven the true-positive rate to over 95%.

The combination of cyber security analytics and artificial intelligence, delivered as an end-to-end service, removes the barrier to entry and radically increases the success rate of these technologies.


About Cybraics

Cybraics is a security analytics and artificial intelligence company focused on solving the hardest problems in cyber security. We are a collection of like-minded citizens passionate about ensuring that our nation’s organizations and citizens can live free of cybercrime. We have created the first cyber security analytics and AI platform delivered as-a-service – nLighten. nLighten uniquely combines multiple modes of machine learning with an advanced AI engine to find previously unknown threats and dramatically reduce the number of false positives.