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Stop chasing alerts and prevent incidents before they happen with the world's leading XDR platform that revolutionizes threat detection, log management and response.

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Security Lead
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Security Lead

Unleash your existing security investment.

Cybraics integrates seamlessly with leading tools and platforms to help you:

  • Flip the switch from manual effort to automation
  • Dramatically enhance your security posture without additional headcount
  • Reduce threat detection and remediation time from months to minutes
  • Easily meet your security compliance requirements.

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Eliminate alert fatigue and reduce manual tasks.

Empower your security capabilities with military think-tank grade AI- and ML-based threat analytics to get:

  • 95% reduction in false positives, filter noise into insights
  • 96% automated case creation (our expert SOC team identifies the rest)-
  • Simple, powerful dashboards that prioritize cases-
  • Behavior tracing and cyber analytics as a service.
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Set yourself apart.

Enhance your security offering with nVision™, our multi-tenant platform that:

  • Identifies and prioritizes sophisticated, advanced persistent threats
  • Revolutionizes your SOC with a 97% reduction from traditional SIEM alerts to actionable cases
  • Quickly aggregates and transforms alerts into curated cases (96% created automatically)
  • Finds threats that others miss through AI- and ML-powered behavioral, signature and rule-based analytics engines
  • Enables you to respond quicker with pre-filtered dashboards that prioritize threats across your customers.

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Turn scattered data into powerful insights

Close the gaps and free your team with our silo-breaking, enterprise-class industry leading XDR platform that covers compliance and simplifies security operations.
Automated case creation to accelerate your security operations
Reduction in time-killing false positives
Advanced, fully automated behavioral analytics